My Armour

Updated: Jun 15

My armour weighs on my shoulder and heart. I’ve been wearing it for so long, I forgot it was even there, that I had put it on. Did I even put it on? Or was I born with it? I know at one point I was a happy adventurous kid, open to the world and it’s magic.

I am now following the trail of glitter to reconnect with that beautiful, powerful and fearless girl. She’s happy to see me and I can’t wait to shed this weight and open my heart to love, play and connection.


Just like this intro I wrote, I try to keep everything nicely packaged, as not to disrupt anything, or cross any lines. I allowed myself to think I’m bad and not take up any space.

I want to color outside of the lines. I want to take up space. I want to feel the discomfort and realize that I’m ok, I’ll be ok, I was always ok.

I want to play in the mess. My heart is stronger than I give it credit for.

#Innerchild #Selfworth


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