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a collection of short stories, poems and photographs inspired by lovable pups.

with foreward written by 


and editing by



with foreword written by: Anne van Gessel

Contributors: Various. The full list of authors and their pups is in the back of the print book.  

Editor: Audrey Walter

Cover Design: Lyndsay Stanley, Stonecreek Editing Services

Publisher: Highest Expression Publishing Services

My dog teaches me something about myself every single day.  He teaches me to be a kinder, more patient version of myself. And I am grateful for that.


Collaborators to the Collective

Dog's Name: Archie

Author: Allison Tuckwell

Bio: Allison is a retired Police Sergeant living in the North East of England. She's looking forward to adventures on the canals and in a motorhome with Archie. Follow on Twitter: @PyreneanThe

Dog's Name: Bailey

Author: Angela Kruck

Bio: Angela resides in Ormond Beach, Florida with Bailey and her husband of 23 years. She enjoys animals, travel, pilates, golf, pickleball, family, friends, and most of all, Bailey. She is the co-founder of, a new web platform aimed at fundraising for animal welfare organizations that assist animals with long-term stays. Follow on Twitter: @SirBailey2

Dog's Name: Benson

Author: Katy Atkin

BIO: Katy and her partner live on a farm in the English countryside with a lot of cattle, some hens, ducks, and a farm cat.

Visit Benson's website:

Dog's Name: Bonnie

Author: Nicky Yeadon

Bio: Nicky is recently retired from his family business, the Natureland Seal Sanctuary, on the coast of Lincolnshire, England. Follow on Twitter: @BonnieBooBT

Dog's Name: Callie

Author: Catherine Maguire

BIO: Catherine lives in northern New Jersey with her partner Cameron and their dog Callie. She works in curriculum development and enjoys morning hikes. Callie is their first dog and the self-proclaimed ruler of the household.

Dog's Name: Cindy Lou

Author: Maria Simeone

Bio: Maria is a somatic voice coach, singer, sound therapist, and brain educator. Visit her website:

Dog's Name: Culter

Author: Graham Simpson

Bio: Graham is a retired geography teacher and outdoor enthusiast. Graham lived on the edge of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, UK for 32 years. He now stays in Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands with his wife and, of course, Culter. Follow on Twitter: @GCSScotland and @BTCulter

Dog's Name: Eric

Author: Julie Jones

Photo Credit: Frankie Jones

Bio: As well as being Typist and Secretary for Eric's Twitter page, Julie runs a wholesale fishing bait supply business with her husband. They live a wonderful, quiet, rural life in beautiful Northumberland, England. Follow on Twitter: @erictheborder

Dog's Name: Gigi

Author: Lucinda Mast

Bio: Lucinda grew up at the beach and now spends her retirement years in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Alongside Gigi, she is discovering the wonder of nature at 2,500 feet!

Dog's Name: Hank

Author: Sharon O'Leary

Bio: Sharon is passionate about the field of environmental science and ecology. She, Hank, and Hank's dad Gabe live in northern Minnesota where they enjoy the lakes, woods, and wildlife.

Follow on Twitter: @hankster_the

Dog's Name: Kalimba

Author: Dylan Vallone

Photo Credit: Nancy Thompson

Bio: Dylan, with the support of his parents, is a volunteer puppy raiser with Guide Dogs for the Blind. Kalimba is his first puppy, and he plans to continue to volunteer with GDB as often as possible. Dylan is a high school student in Orange County, CA. His mom, Cindy, can be contacted at

Dog's Name: Jasper

Author: Heidi K. Feldman

Bio: Heidi is a college professor who lives in the New England area. She spends her weekends working on her photography, which you can see on her Instagram @floppyearphotography

Dog's Name: Jet

Author: Robert Fairhead

Bio: Robert is a middle-aged dad and dog owner. He is a writer and editor for the Tall and True writers' website and writes and narrates episodes for the Tall and True Short Reads storytelling podcast. Follow on Twitter: @tallandtrue and @mydogposts and visit

Dog's Name: Josie

Author: Joanne Page

BIO: Joanne is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the Transfusion Service of a busy Level 1 trauma hospital. When she is not working, she enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelter walking dogs, as well as taking Josie on adventures to many of the great parks and trails in her area. Follow on Twitter: @JosieAdventures

Dog's Name: Oskar

Author: Sarah Mallinson

Bio: Sarah is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist in the North West of England. Follow on Twitter: @clancythegolden

Dog's Name: Larry

Author: Jason Gelber

Bio: Jason, the Father of Larry, is a professional in the hospitality industry, and an amateur comedian. As the voice of Larry, he hopes to make him look good on Twitter. Let's hope he doesn't screw it up. Follow on Twitter: @LunaticLarry3

Dog's Name: Louie

Author: Henry Dang

Bio: Henry works in corporate communications where he spends his days telling engaging stories. When not in the office, you can find him exploring new hiking trails in Southern Ontario, Canada, with his dog Louie and his trusty camera affectionately called Iris. Follow on Twitter: @loui

Dog's Name: Pippa

Author: John Mark Seck

Bio: John Mark Seck is a retired entrepreneur and musician living in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. He now enjoys staying active by walking with Princess Pippa and playing music.

Follow on Twitter: @jmseck

e_the_lab and visit

Dog's Name: Rugie

Author: Emberlee Wortman

Bio: Emberlee is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who works within business management. She currently lives in northern Nevada, USA, with her husband of 23 years, Mike.

Follow on Twitter: @EMDUB21

Dogs' Names: Otta and Gypsy

Author: Melissa Donald

Bio: Melissa is the Personal Assistant and typist to Otta and Gypsy, mother and daughter Border Terriers. They all live in Ayrshire, Scotland, living their dreams. In her spare time, Melissa is a veterinary surgeon. Follow on Twitter: @OttaBoss and @Melissavet64 and visit

Dog's Name: Parole

Author: Mindy Dimick

Bio: Mindy is a receptionist at an animal hospital near Pocatello, Idaho, where she lives with her family along with 3 other dogs, lizards, snakes, and fish. Follow on Twitter: @DimickParole

Dog's Name: Thistle

Author: Lore Lapinsky

Bio: Lore has spent several decades straddling the worlds of hospitality and corporate development, currently working as both an organizational project consultant and group travel advisor. She resides in Georgia and has travelled to 49 states and 15 countries.

Dog's Name: Waffles

Author: Karen Russo DalMolin

Bio: Karen shares her New York home with her husband, daughter, and Waffles. She teaches at a local university, drinks lots of tea, and still doesn't miss her mundane life. Follow her on Twitter: @Waffles_ShihPoo

Dog's Name: Nash & Wilma

Author: Julie Benton

Bio: An Idaho native, Julie Benton is an artist and an art educator. She can usually be found holding a cat, a coloured pencil or a slobbery dog toy.

Wilma's Twitter: @WilmaBenton19

Dog's Name: Smiffy

Author: Cath Leahy

Bio: Cath is a journalist in the Northwest of England. She loves to knit and walk her border terrier, Smiffy.

Follow Smiffy @smiffythebt.

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