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The perfect gift for the dog lover on your list

There is a reason why dogs and humans have always shared a special bond.  Comforting, resourceful and loyal to a fault, dogs can bring joy where there is brokenness.  This extraordinary collection of short stories from dog owners across the United States and beyond celebrates that binding relationship. These stories and the photographs that accompany them will bring you back to cherished childhood memories; make you laugh out loud and maybe even cry.  

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a collection of short stories, poems and photographs inspired by lovable pups.

with foreward written by 


and editing by



Author: Anne van Gessel

Contributors: Various.  Read the author & dog biographies here.

Editor: Audrey Walter

Cover Design: Lyndsay Stanley, Stonecreek Editing Services

Publisher: Highest Expression Publishing Services

Formats Available: eBook / Hardcover/ Print Book [11.67 x 8.27] 

My dog teaches me something about myself every single day.  He teaches me to be a kinder, more patient version of myself. And I am grateful for that.