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because we know parenting is the hardest job you'll ever do.

I also know that parenting a child with neurodivergence has its unique challenges.  That's why I've curated a list of online resources that provide a specialized product or program of service that I trust will help and encourage your child and family as a whole.

Please note that these products and services were hand-chosen by me because of their uniqueness and their special work with children and families experiencing neurodivergence. 

*I have not been paid to advertise these particular products or services.

Resources for Parents

Autism Therapy
little heros.png

Little heros

"Children on the spectrum comprehend and process information best when visually presented instead of verbally or aurally".

-Daria Kozhukar, mother, and founder.

Little Heroes was created by a mother of an autistic child, who sought to create a unique and pleasing product that could teach her child life skills.  Since its conception, Little Heroes has become more than just a Visual Learning Aid product but has morphed into a parent's community and a comprehensive resource listing for children with neurodiversity.

Check out the range of gender-specific Visual Learning Aids geared toward children aged 0-5 who have neurodiversity:

Life Guide Coaching

Different - Not flawed

Helping neurodivergent families thrive.


Owner, and Certified Life Coach, Christian Vinceneux works with neurodivergent families.  He provides effective strategies and guidance for parents who are encountering challenging times due to neurodivergence with their children, with themselves, or both.


From growing up as a neurodivergent kid in a neurodivergent family, Christian has worked in the neurodivergence space his entire life. First as an Occupational Therapist for over 30 years, and now as a parent coach.


Christian works with his clients virtually.  Start your family's healing process by booking a session today.

Children Reading Together

Reading Well

An amazing database of online resources and content for teachers, parents, and children with dyslexia.  From a scientific review of what dyslexia is, to a comprehensive list of resources for teachers, this website has it all. 


Our primary purpose is to enhance the ways in which our younger generations engage with our world within the realm of communication and feeding skills.

Every child’s treatment is individualized to their needs, emboldening them with new tools, as well as building upon their existing skill set to ensure they leave therapy thriving in their own unique way.

In-Person or Virtual Services:

Family Consultation, Evaluation, Therapy & Progress Reports.

Speech Therapy
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