Cruz Finds His Way

an inspirational children's tale of dyslexia

Written by Anne van Gessel
Illustrated by Toshin Rao

"A whimsical, informative story about a bird with dyslexia learning to believe in himself"- Kirkus Reviews

Cruz the Crow is about to embark on the single most important journey of his whole life: his solo-flight! But there is just one problem! All those letters and numbers that the other crows can read: well he can't. How will he ever find his way? 


A charming and inspiring tale that tells kids it is ok to be different, and that we all have our strengths. 


"This picture book is one that will resonate with any reader who has direct experience with the challenges that come with the reality of dyslexia."

-Riverdancer, VINE VOICE

"A sweet uplifting story for kids with dyslexia...."

"This delightfully illustrated book featuring a young crow grappling with self-doubt is perfect for elementary-aged readers who just see things a little differently."

-Individual Review by verified purchaser, T. Steed

"Cute compassionate story!"

"I really appreciated reading this book about a character with dyslexia...This book could be a great addition to a home or school library with any children who have dyslexia.  The book includes some supplementary vocabulary and talking points for discussing dyslexia with your child or student.  I would give this book five stars and recommend it for any neurodivergent child to help them understand that they have unique strengths."

-Review by verified purchaser, Lexi V

"The way the narrator used these facts to speak to the audience made this a book I’ll be recommending to anyone who is looking for reassurance."

-LAS Reviewer

"Filled with vibrant and colourful illustrations, this story is a great example of learning new things and finding your way. A great read!"

-Kindle Reader Review

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Cruz Finds
His Way

About Anne

Anne van Gessel is a published author and blogger who has learned how to accept her dyslexia as being a gift. When she is not working on her next project, she is enjoying time with her rescue dog, Pascal.