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It's time for a new pair of glasses

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

I have always pride myself in being very self-aware but from my Coaching Training Program, my awareness has been taken to the next level. I’ve realized that I’ve been living life from these perspective/limiting beliefs for most of my adult life:

• Am I (Fill in the blank: good/thin/pretty/smart, etc) enough?

• Am I right? (Because I don’t want to risk being wrong!!)

• Have I done something bad/wrong?

• I need external approval/validation

• Everyone else has it together, or knows more than me

• Unworthy of love

• I’m too aggressive, “too much” to handle

• Life is hard

• No one’s going to like me for who I really am, I must hide and pretend to be someone else

• Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Just looking at the list I just generated sounds exhausting and sad, as this is NOT how I want to live my life. I realize that I now have a choice—I can continue to live life from the old perspective, or I can choose something new. I have a choice, and not choosing is a choice in itself.

Are you ready to get into action to shed old patterns and to discover what lens you’ve been viewing the world from?

Here's an article that goes into depth of some common limiting beliefs:

Lasting change starts internally, with things like energy, willpower, clarity and passion.


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