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Gabrielle Bernstein - "The Universe Has Your Back"

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

I read her book several years ago. My motivation for reading her book was, in my opinion, she's one of the leading people within the self-help industry that has an impact on the younger generation. And I was looking to learn concepts I've learned before, put in a different way. I find that I get another level of understanding or insight when I see the same message delivered slightly differently.

At that time in my life, I was building and strengthening my spiritual relationship with the bigger force that surrounds us. I'm used to operating alone. This book provided encouragement, reminding me that I don't have to do everything myself and that I can ask for support from the Universe/Spirit/Intuition/God (however you want to describe it), and trust that I'm being guided and as Rumi said, "What you seek is seeking you."

I think Gabby speaks in a voice as if she's having a conversation with you in person. She's very personable and openly shares her own story and how she got to where she is now.

What I mainly got from her book, "The Universe has your back" is to trust in the support from a Higher Power, to really lean into that feeling, and let go of the fear you've been holding on to. And to spiritually surrender to the plan of the Higher Power.

"The presence of fear shows up when you're not relying on the Universe." - Gabrielle Bernstein

This is what happens when you've lost ALL faith and are thinking you only have your own strength to rely on to achieve your dreams. Are you taking action with joy or are you struggling along the way? Remember this, your presence IS your power. Learn how to connect with the Universe and find ways to embrace the present moment by surrendering.

To surrender does NOT mean you give up or stop taking action, it just means you relieve all pressure, and are mindful of your Being, or of how you are showing up. TRUST that the Universe has a better plan than you do. You know you've truly surrendered (to let go of control) when you no longer manipulate and force outcomes.

When we are impatient, it's because we don't trust in the outcome. What will you take on to surrender to the outcome and welcome creative possibilities? Your true power is the love and peace that is within you.

I am often told that I'm impatient. I like to think that I'm an impatient optimist, seeing the potential in every situation and person, and frustrated that they don't see their untapped abilities already or are slow to change to a thriving, more loving environment.

Penny Reid wrote, "It is the burden of the optimist to live a life not knowing why others can't see the beautiful light within themselves,"

and I used to get really frustrated about this. However, I have learned that being impatient didn't get me very far, it also agitated the people I was with. It also reflected my distrust in faith, and not trusting the fact that people are fine where they are, and that when they are ready, I can be there to support them. Patience became an everyday practice of mine, and every time I get impatient (which is almost daily!), I take a deep breath, work through that resistance in my chest and I focus my attention on something that is productive.

You do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness. Each of us does it in our own unique way.

When we choose to see the same issues with love, we create space for miracles.

Responding with a lack of love, judgment, and fear blocks all guidance from the Universe. We change the world when we shift spiritually; when our attitudes become more loving when we forgive when we heal our wounds from the past, and when we embrace the present moment. The miracles that occur on an individual level have a massive impact on the collective field of energy. One person's shift toward love shines light onto all. You do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness. Each of us does it in our own unique way.


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