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Improve Your Sleep Today: An Interview with Charlies Davis

Updated: Jan 6

We all know that we need good quality sleep in order to function. But what does good quality sleep really mean? My dear friend, Charles Davis will tell us about his experience with sleep. Charles has a history of heart trouble which has forced him to prioritize his sleep. I could definitely learn from him, being someone who usually pushes past healthy limits and often skips rest until I’m beyond exhausted!

Charles is one of my closest friends. We’ve been on a parallel journey to be the best version of ourselves since college, inspiring each other and being the safe place to show up authentically and organically blossom. I can’t wait for you to hear what he has to share.

Anne van Gessel: Tell us a little about yourself.

Charles Davis: My name is Charles Davis, I am an extremely tall 40 year- old black guy from Oklahoma, working in the staffing and recruitment industry.

In my free time, I play video games and lots of them, and was once known as an artist though not as of late. When I get the occasion to work out, I swim and lift weights; otherwise, my exercise involves taking my dog for walks. I live a pretty mundane life by choice. I like predictability and admire the remarkable from a distance.

Anne van Gessel: Please share your personal experience around the importance and impact of good quality sleep.

Charles Davis Sleep is most important to me because it’s required for me to maintain a healthy heart and sinus rhythm. Due to a condition called atrial fibrillation, I need to be well-rested or else it adds up and my heart could slip out of “sinus rhythm” at the most unpredictable times. Needless to say, I make sleep a priority and see the virtue in excepting a basic need for rest.

Anne van Gessel: Why is Sleep Important?

Charles Davis Sleep is important to me for so many reasons. On the surface, it’s really important for me to get my beauty rest. I look awful when I don’t rest well: dark circles deepened facial folds and an overall lugubrious demeanor. Beyond that, sleep is important for me to maintain a healthy, steady mood. In the absence of proper rest, I am prone to angry outbursts, a general lack of focus, and just an overall sour disposition.

Anne van Gessel: What do you consider to be 'good sleep'?

Charles Davis Lord knows I have both good and bad sleep habits. Good habits are getting to bed at a "reasonable" time (within the PM) and only sleeping in bed as opposed to reading or surfing the web on my phone in the living room. It also means having the proper environment for maximal rest (dark room, temperature settings, and noise reduction).

Anne van Gessel: What do you consider to be bad sleep habits?

Charles Davis Bad habits on the other hand would include the inverse of good habits. The worst of these is staying up too late (into the AM) and doing everything else in bed other than sleeping. The only thing I do in my bed is sleep. I don't nap in bed, nor do I eat, nor do I just hang out.

Anne van Gessel: Do you have any tips on managing sleep issues?

Charles Davis If I have any tips on managing sleep issues, I'd say to see a sleep specialist to rule out any sort of disorders that may require medical attention. Otherwise, listen to your body. I cannot stress that enough: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

I know that for some this is a challenge but it's important to strike a balance. You can only ignore your body for so long until it demands attention.

Anne van Gessel: Is there anything else you'd like us to know about sleep?

Charles Davis In conclusion, sleep is essential for every animal on this planet. While many of us have different sleep needs, it's important that you are doing what is best for YOU regarding YOUR body. Your body's needs will change throughout your life. Make sure to stop and acknowledge these shifts and respond accordingly. Your body is not a tool; your brain however is. Makes sure that you are making smart decisions and coming up with creative ways to stay balanced!

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