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A Review of Gabrielle Bernstein's Judgement Detox

Check out Gabrielle Bernstein's book - "Judgment Detox" here.

Everyone judges! However, we don’t have to allow our judgments to rule our life. Witnessing our judgments takes away their power, the less attached to it we will be.

"After all, why would I feel the need to judge if I felt safe and complete?" -- this speaks to how people often feel wounded, offended, and defensive, and use judgment to take the focus off their own feelings of inadequacy and project these feelings onto someone else to feel relief. However, this not only does not bring us relief, it often leaves us feeling disconnected, fearful and alone. Gabrielle points out that the real relief comes when we are brave enough to witness the judgment and call it out that the root cause of all judgment is fear. Fear of not being good enough, not being worthy of love, and not being safe. When we are brave enough to look at both judgment and fear, we can turn the story around and start to heal.

This book holds an interactive six-step process that uses spiritual principles from the following places: the text A Course in Miracles, Kundalini yoga, the Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping), meditation, prayer, and other metaphysical teachings.

Some of my other favorite takeaways from this book:

  • · A Course in Miracles teaches that “prayer is the medium of miracles.” When we pray we shift our perception from fear to love. A prayer is a spiritual invitation for a mental cleansing—we wash away the ego’s perception of attack and shift into a remembrance of love.

  • · When we make inner shifts, we intuitively know how to show up on the outside. We lead from a place of compassion and forgiveness.

  • One loving thought at a time creates a miracle.

My story

I think of myself as an open-minded person, someone who is primarily a non-judgmental person. However, I easily become a hypocrite when I start judging people who judge others! My thoughts are, “how dare these people to judge other people, they are so judgy!” I did mention being a hypocrite, didn’t I?

I am coming to a realization that it’s not my place to judge what others judge. What others judge, is outside my control, and what’s within my control, is my reaction. I am practicing staying curious in times of judgment, and being kind to myself in times when I am stuck in judgment mode.

Who’s up for joining me on this challenge??

All blog posts written under the "Authentically Anne" branding were written, edited and designed as a team effort.

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