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Actual Size: 11.69 x 8.27 Landscape Photo Book

There is a reason why dogs and humans have always shared a special bond.  Comforting, resourceful and loyal to a fault, dogs can bring joy where there is brokenness.  This extraordinary collection of short stories from dog owners across the United States and beyond celebrates that binding relationship. These stories and the photographs that accompany them will bring you back to cherished childhood memories; make you laugh out loud and maybe even cry.  


Anne van Gessel

As a successful lifestyle blogger, and published author of children's fiction and several informative non-fiction pieces, and as an adult with dyslexia, Anne has taken it on as her life mission to encourage and empower others who have neurodiversity, to not allow their so-called weaknesses to get in the way of their dreams.   

In her writing, Anne strives to help others recognize the gold that is a part of every single person's essence; something precious that should be shown off authentically. 

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“I believe that we are all capable of being our most authentic selves and can choose to act from a place of love as opposed to fear. Love affords us the ability to treat one another with respect and compassion. The world CAN be a happier place, full of successes and triumphs. Ultimately, I want to create an equitable world where individual differences are respected instead of suppressed. Humanity is magical in all its uniqueness, so let’s recognize and celebrate one another!”
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