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Meet Anne. Author. Blogger. Professional Life Coach. Outwardly, a regular human being. 

Inwardly: now that's a different story. 


In life, we all crash our cars at least once, figuratively or literally.  We make mistakes, we run after things we shouldn't. We take chances when we should have played it safe.  But why?  Why do we do these things that when we think of them in hindsight, make our cheeks go rosy with shame at best, and make our stomach queasy with regret at worst?

I'll tell you.  It's because we all want to be loved.  We as humans yearn to be loved; to be accepted and we tell ourselves that that is where we will find joy.  

But, through getting lost, and having several car break-downs along the way I've learned that our first destination before we try to get anywhere else, should be to SELF-LOVE.  We should all be on the road to self-love but not all of us are.  

Come along for a ride with me as I recount my unique version of the car crash that caused me to realize all of this.  And let me help you not make the same mistakes, as we both journey along the road to SELF-LOVE.


Author: Anne van Gessel

Editor & Cover Design by: Lyndsay Stanley, Stonecreek Editing Services

Publisher: Highest Expression Publishing Services

Page Number: TBD

Release Date: TBD


"This book is for the growing individual who is looking for a place to start their journey towards self-acceptance and learning.  The author invites the reader to look deep within themselves by giving her autobiographical account of her experience with a common, often demonized learning difference: Dyslexia.  She also offers practical advice that spans beyond the topic and into everyday life.  A must-read for those with an inquisitive, open mind."

- Charles Davis, Enterprise Account Director 

"This book dives into the loneliness of neurodiversity and finding the path to understanding and accepting yourself for how your differences give you strength. The author's focus and experience is around dyslexia, but I think many neurodiverse people would find value in reading this."

- Susan Chan, Senior Program Coordinator

"In her memoir, where she unpacks her experiences of living with dyslexia, Anne takes the readers' hands and guides them through various personal and educational journeys, using gentle, yet cogent words to draw students, teachers, and professionals alike into her introspective world. Anne’s resilience shines through her frank and uplifting accounts as she invites readers to explore with her the difficult questions that challenge one’s own perceptions and assumptions of themselves, and offers feasible suggestions to help resolve some of these tensions.”

- Frances Ragni, Educator and Researcher, PhD in Education (University of Cambridge)

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