A Short Excerpt from Cruze Finds His Way, a Children's book by Anne van Gessel

The orange tint of the sky was now overrun by the twinkling of stars and a half moon shining down. The grumbling of his tummy and his shivering feathers reminded him that he was just a failure. “I wish I could just read, just like everyone else!” He whispered, trying not to cry. “I’m so dumb, and stupid...”

“I t-t-t-ell you w-w-hat little c-c-row... “Interrupted a quivering grey pigeon “I d-d-on’t know one d-d-umb c-c-row out t-t- here, not one!”

“Well now you do!”

“W-w-what’s t-t-the problem, t-t-then...?” Cruz looked at this lop-sided, white freckled pigeon who studders and mutters and looks insane and thought maybe he’d understand.

“Well, I...”

“Yes-s-s...?” Asked the determined stuttering pigeon

“I’m lost! So lost! I’ll never get home! I’m not much of a crow if I can’t follow signs! How will I ever do anything right?”

The pigeon cocked his little head to the side and gave him an odd-looking grin.

“You’ll g-g-et h-home little la-d-d. I’ll t-t-tell you a s-s-secret. You are a c-c-crow. You h-h-ave instincts.”


“U-use t-those and f-f-ocus on w-w-hat you are g-g-ood at.” Cruz thought a lot about that wise pigeon’s words. Maybe, I’ve been trying to be something I’m not.