About Anne

Anne van Gessel is a certified Life Coach who supports her clients in recognizing their highest expression of themselves, breaking negative patterns, defying stagnation and sharing in a universal self-awareness. Her work empowers people to live an authentic life with a sense of purpose, wellness and joy.


More about Anne: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annevangessel/

“I believe that we are all capable of being our most authentic selves and can choose to act from a place of love as opposed to fear. Love affords us the ability to treat one another with respect and compassion. The world CAN be a happier place, full of successes and triumphs. Ultimately, I want to create an equitable world where individual differences are respected instead of suppressed. Humanity is magical in all its uniqueness, so let’s recognize and celebrate one another!”

An invitation ...

Are you tired of being hard on yourself? Do you think you're not enough - no matter how much you achieve? Are you a business person wanting to incorporate self-compassion and self-care into your life? If you relate to any of these sentiments, take comfort knowing you are not alone.

It wasn't until after I earned my MBA with a focus in Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that I actually began to seek my own awareness. Through my journey as a life coach, I now find the possibility in the impossible, I look at life through an empowered mindset and I live life with intention. 


Are you ready to shed your old patterns, become self-aware and live your most authentic, purposeful life? I look forward to partnering with you on your discovery of self-love, passion and joy.

Learn more about Anne’s corporate experiences that prompted her move into coaching:


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