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Anne van Gessel

Author of memoir "My Friend, Dyslexia" , children's book "Cruze Finds His Way"and creator of  "Celebrating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Inspirational Cards".

Anne van Gessel is an author of children’s books and non-fiction books which focus on empowering people with dyslexia into living a more authentic life full of purpose, holistic wellness, and joy.


Anne has been a guest speaker for the podcast 

The Spiritual Awakener and has her own blog entitled Authentically Anne.

Anne enjoys taking long walks along Washington’s pacific shores. When Anne is not writing or preparing for her next speaking engagement, she is playing with her large and playful rescue dog.

"Humanity is magical in all its uniqueness"
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Holistic Wellness and Beauty Coaching

It wasn't until after I earned my MBA with a focus in Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that I actually began to seek my own awareness. Through my journey as a life coach, I now find possibility in the impossible, I look at life through an empowered mindset and live life with intention. 


Anne's coaching practice focuses on empowering people to live an authentic life with a sense of purpose, wellness and joy, and empowering, and creating purpose, so that teams perform beyond perceived limits.

In addition to her life coaching practice where she works with individuals on lasting personal growth, change and optimum well-being, Anne offer a holistic wellness/beauty-focused coaching program to help people glow both internally and externally. She works with clients to make their beauty and wellness dreams a reality - helping them build a lifestyle that heals the body-mind-spirit, and walks alongside them on their journey to optimum well-being.


Anne's own previous experience of working in and alongside teams means she is familiar with the corporate environment and its challenges. She works with teams to develop empowerment and create purpose, so they are able to perform beyond perceived limits.


It takes consistency to create any change, and someone to hold you accountable and reflect back to you, your continual presence!